Remember, the first Saturday of the month (which is this Saturday) all guests get free access to either the 9am CrossFit class or the 10am Bloc class. 


A1) Muscle up progressions

Ring-row transfer to dip 

Those that have muscle-ups should work on strict muscle ups 

If skill work isn't your thing...
Ring rows
Sets: 4
Reps: 8
Tempo: 4210
Rest: 60 seconds

8 Minute E2MOM, alternating minutes of:
B1) 2HPCL + 1 PCL @ 75% 
Sets - 4
Reps: 2+1
Tempo: X
Rest - 0-30

B2) Ring/bar muscle-ups or 5-10 ring dips as an alternative
Sets: 4
Reps: 3-5
Tempo: X
Rest: until 3 minutes is up

C1) Metcon

800m run buy-in

Then 3RFT
6 PSN 135/95
12 Burpees
16 Overhead walking lunges 45/25