12 min EMOM

A1) 1 PCL
Sets: 8
Reps: 2
Load: 65-75% (first four sets should be relatively light, last four should be on heavier side)
Tempo: X

A2) Back squat
Sets: 4
Reps: 5
Load: 70-80% (sets across) 
Tempo: 1.0.X
Rest: until next minute

Do alternating sets for 8 sets (PSN/BSQ)
Then get in four more sets of power snatches on the minute for four more minutes

Snatch Warm-up with empty bar
5 RDL high pull
5 Empty bar power clean

B1) 10 Min AMRAP
2 bar muscle-ups (2 pull-ups/2 dips)
4 Deadlift 315/220
8 Overhead walking lunges 115/75