Going a little more basic on the workouts this week with the competition tomorrow as I wanted to be mindful of not overloading anybody competing on Saturday. Can’t wait to get into our next phase starting next week!

A1) 10 minutes 
Muscle-up progression
Regular/Stringing reps

If strength is a weakness:
10 minute EMOM, alternating between
A1) 8-12 Ring Rows (at most challenging depth)
A2) 8-12 Dips

B1) 3 RFT
400m run
3 Bar muscle-ups (sub 6 pull-ups)
15 BB pendlay row 135/95
15 Ab mat sit-ups

C1) C1) Side Plank with lateral hip abduction
Sets: 3
Reps: 10
Load: light band just above knees
Tempo: Iso/controlled
Rest: 45-60s