Coalition Barbell Club will be hosting the 2019 Chicago Open on August 3rd.

Whether you're a seasoned lifter or looking to compete in your first meet, all are welcome!

Before you sign-up please make sure your USAW number is up-to-date and that you also provide us with your best total to date (in kilos!). There is NO qualifying total for this meet. We are only asking for your best training and/or competition total so we can best determine the session start lists.

 All registrants will receive a meet shirt and beer (or non-alcoholic beverage).

  • $75.00 - Senior/Masters Registration Fee

  • $40.00 - Youth Registration Fee (Use Discount Code: 2019YOUTH)

Eligibility: Open to all current USAW registered athletes. Expired and non-members may not compete in a sanctioned meet in accordance to USAW rules.

Attire: Singlets required

Women's "B" Session - starts @ 9am (weigh-ins 7-8am)

  • Emily Franklin

  • April Harkness

  • An Nguyen

  • Katherine Spitzmiller

  • Dana Chicoine

  • Liza Flemming

  • Kaitlyn Wilson

  • Katerina Cavaligos

  • Zoe Durst

  • Marylin Soto

  • Claire Weirling

  • Lucy Bergenthal

  • Emily Larrivee

Men's "B" Session - starts @ 11:15am (weigh-ins 9:15-10:15am) 

  • Joshua Ayala

  • Dylan Thomas

  • Brian Bieschke

  • Steve Dahmen

  • John Baron

  • Tyler Vandeventer

  • Harrison Bretz

  • Phil Mosberg

  • Tsutomu Okano

  • Jeffrey Todd

  • Christopher Mixis

  • Andrew Schrock

  • Matthew Ho

  • Matthew Blas

  • Christian Hernandez

  • Harrison Hsieh

Women's "A" session - starts @ 1:30pm (weigh-ins 11:30am-12:30pm)

  • Abigail Sogard

  • Anna Boggs

  • Stephanie Cukrowicz

  • Jamie Donaldson

  • Emma Baumert

  • Eloise Andrle

  • Rosette Capito

  • Kelly Benfey

  • Kristen Calvert

  • Kristina Robinson

  • Courtney Kendal

  • Alexis King

  • Abby Kicklighter

Men's "A" session - starts @ 3:45pm (weigh-ins 1:45-2:45pm) 

  • Zach Bauler

  • Frank Liu

  • Mitchell Walker

  • Ryan Johnston

  • Lee Flores

  • Cory Ebert

  • Michael Banks

  • Eric Guthrie

  • Joe Troia

  • Chris Keating

  • Benjamin Brancaleon

  • Filip Pindral

  • Alain Anton

  • Austin Bartosh

Registration: Click the REGISTER button below to process your entry. After registration, you will be redirected to a Google Forms survey for your lift details.