designed for a wide range of athletes, focused on helping get an edge on opponents and closer achievement of athletic goals. The approach I use is highly individualized - based on the age, developmental level, experience, and sport demands of each athlete who commits to the program. programming is evidence-based off-season progression that addresses all aspects of development to enhance your athletic performance. each program is focused on injury prevention, movement development, and performance improvements.

Assessment & Programming

Each athlete undergoes an extensive assessment to identify strength and mobility imbalances, various performance (strength, power, speed) tests, body composition, and possible injury prevention strategies. Methodical progressions are then designed specific to the athlete's sport (and position), as well as, the athlete's imbalances and deficiencies found during the assessment. The training programs are usually altered every 2 to 4 weeks, based on demonstrated progress and long-term goals. Program is structured for athletes to peak at the start of in-season competition. 


sessions of 90 minutes, 2-4 sessions / week

6-12 Week Progression