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1. your gym sounds pretty cool, but just to be you offer a trial?

We get it. Some will need to try us on first before buying a full-fledged membership, so we created two options: 1) Single Class Drop In $25 and 2) One Week Intro $65. The first is pretty explanatory, and the second offers 7 whole days for us to show you how awesome we are. If you purchase a membership after the solo class or the one week intro, we'll apply what you paid towards your first month. YAY - FREE STUFF! Check out our Join Us | Drop In page for more details. 

2. I’ve got my own program and just need access to equipment - do you offer that?

You bet, we have lots of members on a Bring Your Own Plan (BYOP). We’ll have you demonstrate success with sub-maximal loads & the ability to bail appropriately/safely, grant you a FOB access card for $10 allowing access from 4am to 8pm daily and release you to do your own thing.

3. What's all this stuff i've been hearing about first saturdays?

The first Saturday of every month we encourage our member community to bring along a friend (or two or get where we're going with this). All friends fly free - no strings attached other than a waiver. Available for both our Bloc (no experience required) classes, CrossFit (experience required) classes, and Barbell Club (experience required) for Oly and powerlifters. Registration details can be found on our Events page.

4. i'm not coming unless you have parking - do you?

Most definitely. FREE parking is amply available in front of our facility on Carroll Avenue, as well as on Hoyne Avenue.

5. do you have showers?

Unfortunately not, but we do sell EPIC Wipes’ The Massive Wet Wipe for a shower on the go :). EPIC Wipes for EPIC Lives.

6. where can i register for classes & Events, update my personal info etc?

Members can download the PushPress Member Portal app and login! Available for Android and iPhone.


1. I'm not sure crossfit is my jam - or maybe it is?

You have questions and we have answers. If you think it might be something you want to explore, we have our On-Ramp program that is technique driven and provides a scaled version of CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting. Get your feet wet here, and we'll go from there. 

2. This isn't my first crossfit rodeo, is ON-RAMP required?

Nope, just give us a heads up and we'll have one of our trusty coaches test you out (at no charge). Then off to CrossFit classes you go.

3. I'm not 25 anymore and i have injuries...what can we do about that?

Join the club. We all have muscle imbalances and/or previous injury histories that can limit our ability to perform and move efficiently. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to address these, improve, and then maximize your performance/time/resources.

4. where can i find a wod from earlier in the week for open gym?

Members can access via our WOD page or download the SugarWOD app and login! You’ll need a super secret password to access our workouts on the app - you’ll receive it via email upon joining the gym. Available for Android and iPhone.


1. Can I lift outside of designated barbell club times?

Sure can! However, we do need to ensure you're safe to work alone - we require you to demonstrate success with sub-maximal loads & the ability to bail appropriately/safely prior to giving you the green light. We offer FOB access cards for $10 that allow access from 4am to 8pm daily.

2. I've never lifted before, but i want to learn. help?

We've got you covered with insanely knowledgeable lifting coaches. Also check out our class offerings of Bloc, On-Ramp and/or personal training services - all support the fundamentals in growing your skillsets.

3. I want to lift, not compete - that possible?

Competing is NOT a requirement and most of our members lift for the purposes of health/wellness, in addition to a hobby.


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