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FST Details


FST Details



Fascia is a type of connective tissue that is in, around and between muscles, blood vessels and nerves.  Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted form of table-based stretching during which a certified FST therapist (me) gently pulls and moves the legs, arms, spine, and neck in a smooth motion at various angles to remove pressure between joints, release joint-lubricating synovial fluid, and improve flexibility of muscles.

Read more Below about the benefits of fst.


Sessions of 25 and 55 Minutes


25 minutes - $70/session | 6 Pack $390 | 12 pack $720

55 minutes - $130/session | 6 pack $720 | 12 pack $1320

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Benefits of FST

Benefits of FST



12 Benefits

  1. Overall | Release scar tissue and improves mobility in joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system.

  2. Range of Motion | Increases space and synovial fluid even in arthritic joints; relieves general joint stiffness.

  3. Muscle Function | Relieves general muscle tightness and releases trigger points. 

  4. Performance | Increases strength after inhibitions are removed and allows for free-range movement.  

  5. Injury Reduction | Works to fix muscle imbalances caused by repetitive activities that can impact body movement or cause pain.  

  6. Posture & Symmetry | Adults have been observed to gain height and find it easier to maintain good posture for longer periods of time. 

  7. Pain Reduction | Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to modulate pain or remove joint and soft tissue restrictions.

  8. Sleep | Improved sleep for those experiencing sleep deprivation.

  9. Balance & Coordination | Improved ability to feel your body and feel movement.

  10. Well-Being | Overall feeling and sense of contentment - improved digestion and elimination.

  11. Nerve | Improves mobility and function in overall central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as specific nerves.

  12. Circulation | Decreased ankle and other swelling, along with increased urine elimination.